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The faster we make our ideas tangible, the sooner we will be able to evaluate them, refine them, and zero in on the best solution.

~ Tim Brown, IDEO CEO and author of Change By Design

We are in the business of engaging experiences. It is with this foundation that we have created streamlined ways to engage SolBurst to help meet the needs of your business and push innovation quickly & efficiently. We have processes and approaches that can be applied to your existing realities helping us collectively get to the right solution. See some ways we can provide our services to meet your needs… or better yet, let’s talk.

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Many companies start their efforts too narrow while others spend too much time discussing abstract concepts. SolBurst finds a balance by allowing the collective team to more efficiently:

  1. Fully understand goals

  2. Diverge to explore various concepts

  3. Then quickly converge on the immediate needs

  4. Before visualizing the solution with a prototype

  5. And then finally validating the immediate MVP

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As business needs and technology evolves, organizations must continually assess their current realities while exploring future opportunities. SolBurst can prove a comprehensive review of business drivers, stakeholder needs, and competitive landscape to provide a solid yardstick to guide the path ahead.

We have built teams. We have built products. If you need a little bit of both, we can be your virtual user experience team. If you are not sure what your needs are for internal resources, we can help create a resource roadmap for intelligent growth while also being focused on the core design tasks at hand to get your new or enhanced product to market.

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Whether your UX needs range from rapid prototyping, process enhancement or outsourced UX we have you covered.